Saturday, 14 January 2017

My family and other animals

My Family
You're allowed in my presence now
Let me introduce you to my family. Here's Honey. She's a tad grumpy, loves her food and is frightened of most things, including her shadow. She's been with me since the beginning and we were re-homed together. She's a bit of a princess, but then aren't we all?

The New Guys
These two vagabonds rolled up two weeks ago. Not sure about them yet. 
I know I'm cute, you don't have to tell me!

The little grey and white one is Ziggy and the other tearaway is called Diego. He's one to watch. He's already secured the best sleeping spot in the house, as you can see from this

I wonder if anyone will spot me!
Honey is not impressed at all. The jury's out for me. I'd kind of like some playmates and they do seem like fun. Alison wants me to like them but I'll let her stew a bit longer. Best to keep your cards close to your chest, particularly when tuna treats are the 'get along' bribe of choice!

The Scamp

This is Scamp. She lives down the road but often swings by to say hello. I thought she was a friendly sort, but turns out there's a pot of peppermint in the front garden and she's hooked!

Mmmm I love you peppermint!
 On other book news, Alison tells me that Be More Cat is scheduled for publication in September 2017. A bit later than we first thought, but perfect timing for all those seeking Christmas presents. Great for crazy cat lovers, crazy cats, and those just searching for something a little crazy!

On that note my Be More Cat tip for today is simply this:-
Although it's essential to have your own space, it's also good to have the option of a playmate or two for those moments when a piece of fluff becomes a game of cat and mouse. Make time for fun and fun will make time for you.

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