Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Welcome one and all!

Welcome to my new blog 'Be more cat'. 

'Look into my eyes!'
My name is Minnie otherwise known as Mins, The Minster, and Minnie Moonbeam. I live with my human Alison who is helping me write this. We've called it 'Be more cat' after Alison's new book which comes out this Spring thanks to the lovely people at Quadrille publishing and was inspired by me and also my sister Honey's antics. 

'Post attack - sore but determined'
You see it's not always been straightforward and Alison and I have been on quite a journey in the last few years, since I was attacked by a dog in the back garden. My tummy was badly torn and my spine was broken, so it's left me with special needs. I'll never be able to walk, run or jump again, but please don't feel sorry for me. I can still move at speed, as Alison will tell you! I've developed my own way of moving which she call's 'skidaddling'. I shuffle on my bottom and I can also climb. I do still jump, sometimes from a great height which seems to cause lots of sharp intakes of breath, but I do it superman style and always seem to land ok. Now this might seem embarrassing, but it's important you know. I tend to dribble sometimes, but that's because of the damage done to my bladder. It means there's always a mop and bucket on hand and lots of washing
but I like to keep my human occupied. She gets easily bored without me giving her things to do. We have fun though, lots of it, and I love my life.

Alison says my super feline skills have made it easier for me to adapt and I think she's right. Like all fellow kitties I believe the key to success in everything is in the art of being flexible, adventurous and living in the moment. That's one of the reasons she wrote her book.  She wanted to tell the world how being more cat could make you humans a happier, healthier bunch. 

We decided to do this blog together. I give her the words and she writes them because my paws can't cope with fiddly computer keys. Every day, or few days depending on what else I have in store for her, Alison will add my musings along with a 'be more cat' tip. We'll also update you on the progress of the book so that you'll be ready to pounce, when it becomes available. As any cat will tell you it's always good to be on the ball and ready to leap when an opportunity like an open fridge,  presents itself.

In the meantime my 'be more cat' tip for today is simple - go with the flow. 
If things become challenging (as they did for me) don't fight it. Move with it in your own way. Learn to skidaddle and you'll see that nothing is insurmountable, even your favourite armchair!


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