Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Silver Linings

So I'm letting you into a secret here, but Alison has seen the artwork for Be More Cat and she's super impressed. She says the illustrations are brilliant and really bring the book to life. It's obvious that her favourite pic is the artist's portrayal of me and Honey. I have to say we look pretty cute! Hopefully we'll have some samples for a future post on this blog, but at the moment we're still at the development stage.

The kittens are settling in, although I'm beginning to wonder what goes on in their sweet little heads. Alison got them lots of lovely new toys, but their favourite game involves dipping paws into the water bowl and then throwing it over each other! They wouldn't be such fans if they'd had water therapy like I did after the attack. I mean seriously! Who in their right mind thought chucking a cat in water would help it walk?! The only positive thing I can say about that is that I got lots of cuddles and cat treats afterwards. 
Yes, we're still super cute and a little bit bonkers
One thing we kitties have come to understand over the years is there's always a silver lining to everything. Deliveries are a perfect example of this. Honey hates post, she hates anyone coming to the door with parcels, so when things are delivered she high tails it on top of the welsh dresser. But this silver lining is a particularly sparkly one, because where there are deliveries there are empty boxes! And boxes are Honey's best friend. She hides in them, plays in them, sleeps in them and prepares plans for world domination in them! I have to say I kind of agree. Nothing has more potential than an empty box.
I may look innocent but there's a lot going on behind these whiskers!

With this in mind, my Be More Cat tip for today (along with save your boxes, you never know when you'll need them) is..... look for the silver lining. It might not be obvious at first, but it's there, hiding in the shadows like a tiny catnip mouse!

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